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For everyone at Grangehurst Primary School, our first priority is to care for every child in a secure, friendly environment enabling them to skip into school and leap into life!

As part of our caring role, we support children's emotional and social learning throughout their time at school. We do this during lesson times, break times and through activities such as sport and extra-curricular activities. We also use the Thrive Approach across school to help support pupils.

What is the Thrive Approach?

Children cannot always put their needs into words, but the way children behave can tell us a lot about how they are feeling.

The Thrive Approach draws on the latest research - from current neuroscience, recent attachment research, current studies of effective learning and current models of child development – in order to help the school to understand the needs being signaled by children's behaviour. It gives us targeted strategies and activities to help them re-engage with learning and life.

Why do we need Thrive?

Unfortunately, like all of us at some point in our lives, children may face challenges that knock them off course. What is needed then is understanding and support to get them back on track. Many children will respond to the care, understanding and support given by parents, family, friends and teachers. However, some children need a little bit extra.

What extra support can we offer?

Children who need a little bit of extra help are identified through our whole-class screening process, by class teachers, or through communication with families or outside agencies. For some children there may be an obvious reason why they need a bit of extra support. This might be bereavement, family break down or an identified medical condition such as ADHD. For others, there can be no obvious trigger to why they are finding some aspects of school and/or home-life difficult.

Working closely with parents and class teachers, our Licensed Thrive Practitioners; Miss Collier, Mrs Eaves, Mrs Trodden, Miss Flynn, Miss Kerr, Mrs Burch, Miss Wildbore and Mr Clews will carry out full assessments to identify children's social, emotional and behavioural needs. This helps us to build a bespoke Thrive Action Plan of activities to support their needs.

What is a Thrive Action Plan?

A Thrive Action Plan is a plan of activities tailored to support a child's identified social and emotional learning targets. The activities are one-to-one and small group relational, play and arts- based activities designed to help the child feel better about him/herself; become more resilient and resourceful; form trusting, rewarding relationships; be compassionate and empathetic; and/or be able to overcome difficulties and setbacks. They might include playing in the sand, puppets, cooking, painting, model making, exploring difficult situations through role-play or comic strips, playing strategy games or projects focusing on the child's own interests.

Action Plans are shared with parents and they are encouraged to do some of the activities at home if possible. They are reviewed regularly to see the progress children have made.

So who gets Thrive?

Everyone gets class Thrive activities (although they might not realise it); most art and sport activities are taught within the Thrive Approach and we even have 'Thrive Thursdays', which is a dedicated time for our whole class to explore Thrive.  But if your child needs regular out of class Thrive time, one-to-one or in a small group, you will be consulted and asked for your input into their assessment and Action Plan.

What makes Grangehurst Primary School a Thrive school?

At Grangehurst we don't consider Thrive to be an intervention for just a few children, we consider it to be a whole-school approach. We all believe that all behaviour is communication and that communication needs to be understood and supported - not "dealt" with. Thrive feeds into everything we do; celebration assemblies, getting to know everyone and their families, sharing all achievements not just academic ones, celebrating our diversity and our collective spirit.

If you want to know more about Thrive, do visit the Thrive Approach website www.thethriveapproach.co.uk, or speak to one of our licensed practitioners.

Family Thrive

At Grangehurst Primary school we also offer a course for Parents and Carers. It is a six week course that introduces you to the fundamentals of Thrive and how it works in practice.

On the course you will find out about

  • The Thrive approach
  • How our brains develop
  • How your right brain talks to your left brain!
  • Why play and creativity are so important to you and your child
  • How to support your child at times of change and difficulty
  • Everyday triggers and how to keep calm
  • How to be a behaviour detective

The course is run by Miss Collier who is a Thrive approved  course leader  and an experienced licensed practitioner. It is suitable to you if your child attends a setting that embraces a whole school approach to thrive.  Please see below for some testimonials from some of our parents who have completed the course;

“I found this course very beneficial because it helped me to understand my children’s behaviour better and gave me strategies to use with my children to help me to calm them down before their behaviour escalates. I found this course very helpful and would recommend it to other parents.”

“I found it very helpful and supportive. Understanding my own emotions and of my children wasn’t easy at all. I learnt that emotions and behaviour are an important part of our development and how I can regulate their emotions (and mine). The strategies that we were taught are really useful. I think all parents would benefit from this course”

“Thoroughly enjoyable course. Very informative. Strategies can be applied to yourself and the children. Content and terminology is not too much ‘information overload’ it’s just right. Would definitely recommend for every parent who wants the best out of parenting, supporting, encouraging and engaging with their child and other children”

To find out more please contact Miss Collier.

Thrive chart

"When parents are beset by demands on their time, a key message is: it's not so much about what you do with your children that is important, but how you do it, so that you can make the most of each interaction."

There is a FREE Thrive-Online Parent Toolkit you can access which offers a selection of strategies and activities designed to help children feel special and safe during these uncertain times.  It is not a parenting programme, but a resource to support the wellbeing of everyone in the family.

Click here to find out more: https://mythrive.uk/2CaRZoJ

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