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Dimensions Curriculum

At Grangehurst we have embarked on a curriculum that is outward-facing, relevant, nurturing, and inclusive. We want our pupils to become educated and responsible global citizens, developing their cultural capital, whilst teaching them all about human creativity and achievement.


Thematic Units

Pupils are organised across four Learning Pathways which each highlight four traits for effective learning at each stage.              


In total, there are 28 Thematic Units which make up the ‘Learning Means the World’ Curriculum.

The Thematic Units are cross-curricular in nature, covering traditional subjects: Science, History, Geography, Art, Design Technology, Religious Education, Music, Dance, Drama, Computing / ICT - as well as more contemporary areas of study, such as sustainability and personal wellbeing. These are all set within a global context, but also explore more local aspects of the theme.

Throughout the year each class will also cover three additional themes that focus on specific key skills and knowledge needed to ensure coverage and progression in the Foundation Subjects. These have been carefully selected from the Dimensions Primary Curriculum themes and include themes such as, ‘Lindow Man’, ‘Ticket to Ride’, ‘Go with the Flow’ and ‘Jurassic Hunter’.  All themes are progressive and, together, provide curriculum cohesion and continuity.               


At Grangehurst, we have designed and implemented an aspirational curriculum that is both immersive and progressive. We use a carefully planned model, with both breadth and depth, that is highly relevant and purposeful, and that truly broadens pupils’ outlook and views by promoting global perspectives.

We aim to offer hands-on, cohesive and challenging learning, highlighting human creativity and achievement. We strive to help our pupils realise the full potential they have to achieve and succeed, not just at school, but as educated citizens within their own community and on a wider global scale. We want the pupils’ learning to be ‘outward-facing’, enabling them to become well-rounded and happy individuals who, not only care about themselves, but about others and the environment.

We want to provide all our children with opportunities for learning which leads to maximum growth and development is our top priority, including designing and implementing a curriculum that is best suited to their needs. We want to provide them with a curriculum with both breadth and depth, that is highly relevant and purposeful, exciting for both staff and pupils, and that is aligned to the locality and all it has to offer.

Our curriculum is inclusive, challenging the more able, whilst directly addressing specific areas for development.

Our intent is to raise standards across all subjects, to enable our pupils to access and engage with their learning to ensure both academic and personal success.


The Dimensions ‘Learning Means the World’ Curriculum is underpinned by four highly relevant world issues, known as the four Cs (click on the images below to find out more)

                                  COMMUNICATION      CONFLICT             CULTURE          CONSERVATION       

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