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Who's Who

Our Leadership Team

Headteacher - Mr. D. Clews

Deputy Headteacher - Mrs. K. Dominy 

Assistant Headteacher - Mrs. K. Trodden 


Our Early Years Foundation Stage Team

EYFS Lead and Classteacher - Miss. S. Bailey

Classteacher - Miss. J. Hinckley

Nursery Nurse - Mrs. A. Storrie

Nursery Nurse - Mrs. H.Billing 

Higher Level Learning Facilitator - Mrs. D. Kaur

Learning Facilitator - Miss. A. Kennedy

EYFS Apprentice - Miss. N. Michael

Our Key Stage One Team

Year 1 and 2 Phase Leader - Mrs. A. McGuiness

Year 1 Classteacher - Miss. L. McKinlay

Year 1 Classteacher - Miss. S. Fulton

Year 2 Classteacher - Mrs. A. McGuiness

Year 2 Classteacher - Miss. B. Greening


Our Key Stage Two Team

Year 3 and 4 Phase Leader - Mrs. F. Nabeel

Year 3 Classteacher - Mrs. N. Randhawa

Year 3 Classteacher - Miss. E. Clegg

Year 4 Classteacher - Mrs. F. Nabeel

Year 4 Classteacher - Mr. T. Hill

Year 5 and 6 Phase Leader - Miss. R. Gurney

Year 5 Classteacher - Mrs. V. Peach

Year 5 Classteacher - Mrs. K. Hunter

Year 6 Classteacher - Miss. R. Gurney

Year 6 Classteacher - Mr. J. Gourley


Miss. L. Wildbore - Maternity Leave

Mrs. K. Haer - Maternity Leave

Mrs. R. Brereton - Maternity Leave


Learning across the school is supported by

Higher Level Learning Facilitators:

Mr. D. Blount

Mrs. D. Ford 

Mrs. R Chouhan


Learning Facilitators:

Mrs. N. Nelson 

Mrs. R. Thakor

Mrs. S. Wright

Mrs. K. Patel

Mr. L. Wilkins

Our Admin & Site Staff Team

School Business Manager - Mrs. K. Cooke

Office Manager - Ms. C. Pearman

Admin Assistant - Mrs. D. Clarke

Admin Assistant - Mrs. E. Wykes

Premises Officer - Mr. R. Howkins

Assistant Site Officer - Mr. L. Wallington

Network Manager - Mr. A. Gardner

Minibus Driver - Mr. A. Liddiard

Cleaning Assistant - Mrs. I. Moulton

Cleaning Assistant - Miss. R. Guild

Cleaning Assistant - Mrs. R. Harrison

Cleaning Assistant - Miss. A. Worth

School Chef - Mr. M. Rushton

Catering Assistant - Miss. H. Johnson

Catering Assistant - Mrs. N. Mujinga


Our Lunchtime Supervisory Team

Senior Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant - Mrs. L. Ward

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant - Miss. L. Auwkit

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant - Miss. L. Guild

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant - Mrs. L. Kaur

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant - Mrs. R. Mattu

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant - Miss. C. Platt

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant - Mrs. L. Shaw

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant - Mrs. J.Walle

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant - Mrs. T. Quinn

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant - Miss. M. Archer

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant - Mrs. R. Harrison

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant - Miss. A. Worth

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant - Miss. C. Bowell

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant - Mr. L. Facer

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant - Mrs. A. Owen

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant - Mrs. A. Jordan-Cozens


Before and After School Club

Club Manager - Mrs. L. Ward

Deputy Club Manager -  Miss. L. Guild

Playworker - Miss. L. Flynn

Playworker - Mrs. R. Thakor

Playworker - Mrs. J. Walle

Playworker - Miss. C. Platt

Our Inclusion Team

Inclusion Lead - Mrs. K. Trodden 

Assistant SENCO - Miss. K. Livermore

Learning Mentor - Miss. L. Collier

Our PPA Cover Team

PE Cover Teacher - Mr. K. Steele

Cover Teacher - Mrs. L. Johnson

Cover Teacher - Miss. K. Livermore

PE Apprentice - Miss. A. Wilson


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